SkyLink HD

SkyLink HD Airborne Antenna
SkyLink HD is a high performance two-axis steered antenna system designed for high-definition and other demanding transmission requirements. At the high bit rates required for HD transmission, multipath has a serious effect on signal performance. SkyLink HD's exclusive inertial measurement unit (IMU), heading sensor and two-axis steering not only point the antenna accurately to the receive sites' heading, but also compensate for the aircraft's pitch and roll. Additionally, SkyLink HD accounts for the altitude of the receive site so the system can maintain the correct elevation angle at all times. This feature dramatically reduces the ground reflection multipath that is caused when the aircraft banks.

To complement the two-axis steering, SkyLink HD uses narrow vertical beam antennas optimized for the band used. In addition to the standard transmit antenna, the SkyLink HD supports a wide range of duplex receive modes as well as dual-band configurations. Options are available for 2 GHz , 4.9 GHz, 6.4 GHz and many others.

Installation is now easier than ever as well. The SkyLink HD only requires the C100 control head to build a complete transmission system. With the C100, control of all microwave equipment including antennas, radios and encoders is integrated into a single 5-inch, panelmounted controller. Full support for third party radios is provided without the need for additional control heads.