Connect Live

The All-Purpose Tool of the Modern Broadcasters
COFDM and Bonded 4G LTE Video HD Transmitter
With video quality at the cornerstone, Nucomm’s Connect Live, combines the ultimate in COFDM wireless camera technology and bonded cellular, Wifi and Satellite technology to produce the most versatile live news wireless camera system. The system is packaged with a 5-inch high resolution, touch LCD monitor designed to mount on a camera.

For day to day news story coverage, the bonded Cellular link can be used to transport live HD video back to the studio. Depending on your needs latency vs. video quality can be quickly tuned between three preset modes (Interview, Balanced & High-Quality) can be done through an intuitive touch LCD display.
The Connect Live utilizes Advanced Adaptive Encoding and Bonding techniques to compensate for changing network conditions by adjusting frame rate, resolution, encoding rates and streaming parameters.
With a boot up time of less than 30 seconds, rapid deployment is possible. In COFDM mode the unit covers the entire 2GHz frequency band from 1.98-2.7GHz. Additionally the unit can be provided in the 5.8GHz nonlicensed band. Available formats include 480i, 576i, 720p and 1080i. The unit can be
configured to accept composite, HD-SDI and SD-SDI. Audio capabilities include 2x balanced analog and embedded audio.
The RF Central microLite Rx is the companion receiver decoder capable of receiving COFDM. If presented with a valid ASI stream the decoder will automatic
changeover. The Nucomm Newscoder Rx4 Decoder is the companion decoder capable of receiving ASI from a remote receiver. When combined with the Messenger Studio Server one harnesses all the power of rapid file transfers between the Connect Live wireless camera transmitter and the studio.
Nucomm has partnered with Dejero to provide an unmatched end to end solution. The Connect Live connects to the Dejero LIVE+ portal where performance, usage and location information may be monitored. The LIVE+ portal may also fully control the Connect Live from the studio. This allows unparalleled flexibility.