ChannelMaster TX7.4 Lite

Portable  HD/SD Transmitter, Integrated Encoder and Multi-Mode Modulator

The ChannelMaster LITE features all of the great qualities of the ChannelMaster in a lighter weight package, specifically mission oriented for helicopter and aerial applications. This product offers both MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 HD/SD encoding. This new two-box configuration results in greater than 40% weight reduction. The ChannelMaster LITE is available in single-band configurations, using frequency bands from 1.5-15.4 GHz. The ChannelMaster LITE encoder features adjustable long GOP encoding including I P and B frames improving video quality as well as a low delay mode. The encoder can be purchased as HD/SD or SD only. For increased flexibility a wide array of inputs are provided, including composite video/audio, SDI (with de-embedded audio), ASI and 70 MHz. The ASI input is ideal for use with an external encoder or to support digital repeater applications. Two audio inputs are standard, while four audio inputs are available. For FM operation, an internal SDI to composite converter is integrated providing seamless operation between analog and digital modes. This eliminates the need for an external converter when used in an SDI plant. This feature also de-embeds the audios if desired. The ChannelMaster LITE features software generated modulation formats that are stored in circuit board PROMs (programmable read only memory). Available formats include — FM (NTSC/PAL), COFDM, VSB, DVB-S and single carrier QAM. As additional digital software formats become available, the PROMs can be easily updated. This feature increases the flexibility of the ChannelMaster LITE and helps avoid obsolescence. The ChannelMaster LITE is equipped with a front panel smart display, five quick keys, and 15 quick-store presets for quick set up and operator convenience.