Auto Positioning Antenna System
The Altra is an auto positioning antenna system specifically designed for mobile operators. It is a compact, lightweight system that incorporates a directional antenna and a continuous rotation positioner, encapsulated within an aerodynamic radome. At the heart of the Altra is a GPS-interfaced embedded control, which provides automatic alignment of the directional antenna and greatly simplifies its operation. Ideal for transmit as well as receive applications, the Altra combines the superior performance of a directional antenna with the ease of operation, associated with an omnidirectional antenna.

Altra reduces setup time by automatically aligning its directional antenna with the receive location.  The operator simply selects the desired receive site and the Altra transmit antenna aligns automatically.

The Altra is also ideal for mobile receive applications, such as automatically tracking an airborne downlink. Operationally, it uses telemetry from the incoming downlink to automatically steer its directional antenna. An automatic acquisition feature simplifies the tracking function.